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Images - updated 15/06/22
There are now 1217 species illustrated on MothShots - 748 macro-species and 469 micros.

Latest Macro species - The Butterbur, Orange Underwing,
Latest Micro species -xPhyllonorycter joannisi, Tinagma ocnerostomella, Cydia conicolana, Phyllonorycter junoniella,
Latest Micro species -xPhyllonorycter ulicicolella, Coleophora vitisella, Pammene aurana, Grapholita lunulana,
Latest Micro species -xEctoedemia weaveri,


Garden trap -
There have now been 622 species recorded in this garden:

338 'macro' species - latest Oak Processionary
'micro' species i- latest Pammene giganteana


Current background image for the front page -
The Butterbur, found by torch-light - Norfolk, 18th August 2021



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